Proposal for Glove and leather recycling.


The cost of recycling a leather glove is 50-60% cheaper than the cost of replacing it with a new glove. The majority of gloves used at your company are thrown away, even though most are not really worn, but are merely dirty.


We can therefore guarantee your company enormous savings. We will collect those gloves which have been written off and are currently being thrown away, clean and repair them and return them to you. Of the gloves that we collect from you, we assess what is suitable for recycling, and you only pay for these. An additional cost saving is that you no longer have to pay to have your scrap gloves collected and removed from site for dumping.


Furthermore, different sections of a plant have different requirements of their gloves. Every individual does not need to be issued with a new glove, although this is the common practice in most companies. The wastage is enormous and can be eliminated.


We propose working in partnership with your company to optimise the usage and issuing of gloves in the various divisions;  thereby reducing unnecessary expenses. We will do a full assessment of the glove requirements per section and make recommendations based on our experience with similar companies.

We recommend issuing new gloves on a clean glove for a dirty glove exchange and we will provide the necessary bags for the storage of the dirty gloves.


Benefits to your company:-

COST SAVING                     -           Save approximately 30 - 50 % of what you

are currently spending on purchasing new leather


CONTROL                            -           A one for one exchange of dirty for clean leather


                                                -           Bins in your company to collect the used gloves.

                                                -           Limit the number of times gloves are recycled.

RECYCLE                             -           The 'recycle don't waste' concept relates to an eco-

friendly solution.

In conclusion, we ask you to allow us to save you money. We guarantee that the savings will speak for themselves.